Meet the Stylist

  Master Stylist Toria Hampton-Govan has been a hairstylist well over 20 years. Healthy hair has always been a big passion. She educates her clients on how to properly care for their hair and how to maintain that trendy style. She has experience as an educator teaching other up and coming stylist the industry secrets and how to’s. Her desire is to give back the knowledge of healthy hair care to the next generation so that the legacy continues. She herself is a third generation hairstylist in her own family. When her clients get to know her, they can all tell you the hair language that she has taught them which is very important in hair maintenance.
Toria is originally from South Carolina. Jacksonville Florida has been her home for over 15 years. She has always been a salon owner from day one of her career. 
She believes in Healthy Hair first with a Salon finish!

 Fashion Entrepreneur and Hair Stylist Eboni Jones. She is also known as Fashionably Ebb...

She is a young entrepreneur with a very powerful creative gift to merge fashion and hair together. With fashion as her first passion, she learn early on the the two can go hand and hand. She conducted, produced, managed , created ,etc first fashion show at the age of 19. Since then she as done several other fashion shows and now she has decided to blend her natural talent of hair styling also. 
Did you know that she is the daughter of stylist Toria. 
Eboni is also among a family of hairstylist which one would say is just in her DNA. 
Eboni’s passion for what she puts her hands on always make it come to life with a beauty glow. 
Stylist Eboni is like a two for one in making you look and feel fabulous in the beauty industry!